a new improvement
in office-automation
The ABILIS Soft-PBX helps automating the management of incoming/outgoing calls. Many tasks of the PBX operators can be taken over by the interactive responder, the voice-mailboxes, the automatic call forwarder, the CRM application software, etc.
The man-machine inferface consists of web-pages where operators and normal users click on buttons and drag&drop objects to initiate, or quit, or put on hold, or forward calls.
easy to use
feature rich
PBX operators deal with the SoftPBX by means of a dashboard and a matrix of boxes which display the current status of the selected users' telephones and call-queues.
Calls are initiated with a mouse-click in a box (or upon an item from the address-book) and can be forwarded with a mouse's drag&drop. However, commands can also be entered using the handset's keys.
Standard phones of different types (web, analogue, ISDN, cordless, SIP, GSM-UMTS) can be connected to the ABILIS unit to create a comprehensive PBX.
Abilis customers can freely choose the most appropriate phone for each extension.
Abilis has also created two soft-phones: PCphone for PCs and ABILISphone for Android devices and iPhone/iPADs.
All the features of a state-of-the-art Soft-PBX are present: click&call, interactive responder, voice-mail, conferencing, voice recording, call-queueing, e-presence, do-it-yourself, call-statistics, etc.
The Abilis PBX can also comprise of:
- a private management of mobile phones;
- an address-book based on LDAP;
- an embedded SMS and e-mail server.