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mobile and advantageous
ABILISphone turns iPhone and Android devices into headsets of the corporate's switchboard ("mobile extensions") .

The competitive difference of ABILISphone with the other apps consists in being fully operational everywhere, as it automatically uses the basic GSM/GPRS service with Call-Back, in those areas where the VoIP option (which requires 3G coverage) does not work.

basic functions
unique functions
  • wherever a good data link is present (through WiFi or 3G), ABILISphone registers itself into the corporate's Abilis system as a kind of soft-phone.
  • it containes a synchronised address-book based on LDAP.
  • ABILISphone supports a private instant-messaging service, as well.
  • when the data connection is poor or unavailable, ABILISphone still works, still behaves as an extension of the firm's pbx.
  • voice-calls of any type can be recorded.
  • VoIP calls can be encrypted
  • being abroad, ABILISphone only requires a local SIM to behave as at home.
  • Abilis clients rent SIMs, rather than added-value solutions, as they manage the latter privately.
  • Abilis clients can exploit the market's opportunities and their own technical staff in the best possible way.
  • all communications go through the company's IT&C systems.

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