long-life products
Perfectly good networking equipment is often discarded because of an unavailability of software upgrades.

In contrast, ABILIS products are continuously updated with the newest functions and network interfaces and consequently can remain in service for ten or more years.
The ABILIS hardware always possesses enough spare power to run the new firmware versions, which can be downloaded easily and quickly.

Light Software + Powerful Hardware
soft rather than hard...
professional help-desk
The ABILIS Firmware is extremely lightweight when compared with the operating-systems for PCs.
At the same time, the ABILIS Hardware is very powerful and easily expandable with USB or PCI/PCIe modules.
Hence there is plenty of space left for system enhancements.
In order to keep the highest possible degree of flexibility, ABILIS engineers always prefer to realise functions by software, rather than by hardware. Thanks to a continuous development of new software modules, the same hardware can be used for a long time, while still being perfectly updated.
The installed ABILIS base is taken care of by experienced, dedicated professionals who are able to quickly diagnose even the rarest of system anomalies, providing prompt and effective solutions.
The ABILIS help-desk adjoins the products' development team.