IP-router and SoftPBX
inside the gateway!
Placing telephone calls as data over the IP network implies a tight collaboration between the ISDN gateway, the IP router and the computer-driven telephone switchboard (Soft-PBX). Obviously it makes sense to combine these functions in one appliance only.
The ABILIS family of VoIP gateways  (from 1x ISDN-2 to 12x ISDN-30 ports) provides all requirement to obtain top performance at the least possible level of complication.

VoIP as reliable as ISDN
perfect vocal quality
  • all ABILIS gateways are able to manage up to 16 simultaneous calls over a single  ISDN-2 (thus multiplying its capacity by 8), without any service degradation.
  • telephone-carriers equipped with ABILIS technology can guarantee a fully reliable VoIP service  even where the continuity of Internet is uncertain.
  • it is well known that the vocal quality of VoIP rapidly decays in case of data-loss or excessive delay.
  • our gateways include a number of innovative means to significantly reduce the probability of loss or delay.
  • besides the standard voice coders (G.711, G.729), we offer a proprietary coder having optimised performance.
  • ABILIS devices are gateways, routers and Soft-PBXs, all in the one box.
  • VoIP quality strictly depends on the perfect tuning of the router, hence the unification of functions really makes sense!
  • the combination of gateway + router + SoftPBX enables customers to drive all three functions from a single and very powerful dashboard.