The perfect ABILIS client...
Our end clients are mostly firms with multiple sites or VoIP providers in need of absolutely reliable but also advanced and competitive solutions.
Clients are handled by our Partners, but still we are ready to supply a part of the expertise. Our aim is to ensure that clients obtain simpler systems deployment, maintenance and usage.
We strive in order that clients cooperate with ABILIS developers and local partners in order to derive full benefit from their telecom solutions.

we are ideal for:
and not so good for:
here is what we do:
and what we don't:
  • customers who can benefit from direct contact with the product's designer;
  • managers who prefer progressive innovation rather than revolution;
  • businesses spending a lot in telecom services;
  • people willing to have a better control of their networks;
  • clients wishing to pay per use, rather than to invest.
  • small businesses and residentials (unless organised in community-networks or consortiums);
  • users who obtain little benefit from the convergence of computers and communications;
  • firms preferring to outsource their IT&C systems;
  • indetermined contacts;
  • bad payers.
  • develope and produce original and innovative equipment;
  • make products which we can reliably manage up to the smallest details;
  • give each product a very long operating life;
  • keep them compatible with the latest software;
  • strive to offer valuable innovation at prices which are quickly paid back.
  • make consumer products;
  • customise the ABILIS software (unless the client's requirements are of general interest);
  • carry out services on-site (this is done by our local partners); however we provide an effective remote management;
  • perform useless tasks, even if paid.