20 years of development
For twenty years we have been developing products aimed at realising complex telecom- and automation-systems.

We act as facilitators behind the scenes to help our partners ensure high customers satisfaction with their new IT&C solutions.

Clients are our true innovation and marketing department!

who we are
what we do
our policy
  • we are an engineering firm specialising in VPN and VoIP equipment.  
  • we have some 20 years experience in developing world-class solutions for multi-site corporations and regional telecom carriers.
  • we are organised with several development centres based around Europe. 
  • with our 50 developers we create original hardware and software.
  • thanks to very long-term collaborations, we have a stable and complete control over our products. We can improve them with ease.
  • we strive to make perfect products. This is the best guarantee for the future!
  • we commence projects only once we have achieved the know-how to carry-out the project with diligence.
  • our products are long-lasting because we release regular firmware updates.
  • we distribute our technology through fair alliances with partners dealing in non-overlapping markets.
Address: Via Manzoni 49
I-46047 PORTO MN
Tel: (+39) 0376 16262.01
Fax: (+39) 0376.397925
Info: info@abilis.net
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