All-in-One from your  
private manufacturer !
Systems Integrators benefit from direct dialog with ABILIS, a competent and reliable manufacturer of ITC devices, since they obtain efficient and tailored innovation, while minimising their logistic and economic burden.
Existing equipment does not have to be eliminated, as the ABILIS all-in-one appliances enhance functionality by a gradual migration.

soft-PBX     VPN router     ABILISphone     VMX virtualizer     VoIP gateways
opc.png VPN - Router ABILIS - Phone abilis-vmx.jpg gateway.jpg
ABILIS softPBX performs all solutions that other highly rated manufacturers offer. It features click&call, drag&fward, address-book, voice-mail, ... Large VPNs to carry data + voice + video simultaneously can be quickly built, securely and without performance loss using just one device! The ABILISphone app converts iPhones and Androids into extensions of the firm's IT system. Mobile communications are virtually private and free of charge! VMX combines the classical ABILIS-CPX (router + gateway + SoftPBX) with a platform for Virtual Machines, to realise extremely compact IT&C solutions! ABILIS offers a complete portfolio of VoIP gateways, for both the customer premises and Head-Office, supporting up to twelve ISDN30 or ISDN2 lines at best possible quality.
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The integration of all services into only one device enables:
  • least possible cabling
  • easy installation and maintenance
  • low-power consumption
  • redundant clusters are easily realised.
One device only means one control panel and one help-desk!
  • users collaborate with their ABILIS experts and do a good part of the job;
  • instead of outsourcing, they can manage their networks by themselves!
ABILIS equipment can stay in service for many years due to:
  • constant functional development;
  • frequent firmware updates;
  • powerful hardware;
  • simply exchangeable line-interfaces.
High savings (even beyond 50%!) can be achieved by means of:
  • direct control over the enabling technologies
  • free choice of carriers and network resources
  • integration of services
  • (partial) self management.

transparent installations
VoIP @ ISDN quality
innovation, not revolution
hubs for POTS

All ABILIS devices have been designed in order to introduce innovation while minimising the installation-overhead.
They can be simply interposed between the ISDN lines and the existing equipment.

ABILIS VoIP attains the same reliability of ISDN, because it uses ISDN !
In the event of failure of the IP network, ABILIS supports 16 calls upon a single ISDN2 with no deterioration of service.

Customers can still use their analogue telephones while exploiting the full potentials of VoIP and CTI.
The ABILIS SoftPBX supports mixed terminals: analogue, SIP, cordless and Soft-Phones.

Up to 32 analogue phones can be connected to a hub using a single networking cable, up to 100 mt long. 
POTS extensions are TDM multiplexed: there is no VoIP conversion and no added delay ! 
Traffic Analyser
IP load-balancing
IP shaping
This optional software-module displays the current and historical traffic of each IP port.

The graphic interface also evidences the largest users of bandwidth.
IPLB distributes the traffic over multiple IP links so that the load can be distributed evenly.
IPLB effectively bundles the lines together, so that the total throughput is the sum of the individual lines.
In the event of a large and continuous data-exchange by a user, the Abilis system reduces the bandwidth available to this device, temporarily.
This feature prevents unauthorised usages, such as P2P downloading.
Customers requiring remote VPN connections simply have to purchase the relevant pass-code.
ABILIS readily supports hundreds of sessions from laptops or tablets equipped with standard IKE-IPSEC apps.

doorphone / gate opener
simple CCTV recorder
professional CCTV
citobox.jpg bldgautom.jpg cctvrec.png aylook.jpg
Customers wishing to integrate one/two doorphones into their SofPBX and automate several electrical services (gate opener, indoor temperature reader, air conditioner) can purchase and connect the Cito-BOX to a free USB port oo their ABILIS set.
ABILIS can be used as a web-based controller / supervisor of building automation systems made with KNX devices by ABB, Legrand, Bticino, Siemens, Vimar, etc. This option, based on ABILIS-VMX, is expected to be released 2Q-2013.
ABILIS can simultaneously record images from several IP cameras. The recorded frames are displayed through a web page. Since the recording device is contained inside the router, it seamlessly links to all available networks.
Where an industry standard CCTV controller and recorder is required, we recommend AYLOOK, a comprehensive device, which can run on an ABILIS-VMX as a Virtual Machine.

voice+data VPN   mobile offices   a smart carrier   a smart ISP   embedded CRM...
multisede.jpg mobile_office.png smart_ISP.jpg converged_applications.jpg
Abilis technology enabled a distributor of electrical supplies with 90 outlets to slash the cost of his VPN by 60% and the cost of voice services by 50%.
Field based sales representatives  equipped with Tablet-PCs wishing to connect to their head-office via VPN and PBX (both realised with ABILIS devices) obtain the same phone-line and terminal sessions as their office-desk on their Tablets! A small VoIP carrier based in Milan with only 4 staff secured hundreds of large customers by offering them the highly reliable and unique VoIP over ISDN developed by Abilis.
The carrier is now retailing 8 million minutes/month.
An innovative ISP provides very fast and economical Internet-Access by bundling several ADSL lines together. Using the same Abilis-CPE, the ISP is also able to provide a VoIP service and Soft-PBX solutions of excellent value! A software house using Abilis as support equipment for their CRM apps are now selling Abilis optional modules to convert existing Abilis devices into  global servers for their customers (PBX, Router, Platform for Virtual Machines).
all-in-one for retail   a smart town-hall/1   a smart town-hall/2   multi-tenant   all-in-one for banks
ITC_integration.png town-hall_1.jpg wifizone.jpg multi-tenant.jpg bank.jpg
A chain of retail shops exploit their Abilis sets for all the necessary services (voice, data, security, automation). They have minimised the usage of space, telecom lines and electrical consumption. Every complex function can be managed remotely. A town-hall with a community of 5.000 families uses Abilis technology to link the schools and all other communal buildings into one VPN in order to support telephone, computer and CCTV services. As a result, associated costs have been cut by 30%. The same town hall organised a not-for-profit association to link users together in a wireless network to share a number of Internet access lines. No investment was required. High-speed Internet is now available in the whole community. A half dozen offices based in the same building share multiple ADSL lines from different sources. However, the various offices still receive separate bills and remain fully independent as regards system usage and system programming. Several banks utilise their ABILIS devices not only to manage their VoIP+data VPN, but also:
- to equip agencies with
  a VPN backup over 3G
- to record phone orders
- to control lighting
  and heating systems.