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The ABILIS multi-functional routers permit to quickly and effectively build large Virtually-Private-Networks (VPN) to carry voice and data at the same time.

Reliable and effective VPNs can be realised using multiple low-cost lines rented from carriers of free choice.
These lines can also be used as Internet connection links: the ABILIS routers can be set-up to realise secure and managed Internet access.

comfortable WANs
Internet access
special facts
  • since the technology is controlled by the user, Abilis customers can freely create their networks using multiple lines from different carriers.
  • clients can easily modify their network's routings with or without the help of their Abilis help-desk.
  • the integration of voice+data over the same network facilitates the reduction of overhead and expenditures.
  • Abilis routers can bundle together multiple lines (IP Load Balancing).
  • they show the load of each IP line and can shape the data-exchange of individual users, to prevent abuse.
  • they can filter-out unwanted websites (NetSecure DNS).
  • they continuously check the connections, detect failures and send-out automatic alarms.
  • automatic backup (also over 3G-mobile networks and ISDN) to greatly enhance the service continuity.
  • data-compression, to boost line-performance.
  • IPSEC, VRRP, OSPF, PPP, Source Routing, DiffServ, etc,  to provide the appropriate solutions to any requirement.
  • 256-bit 3DES data-encryption does not affect sessions' speed.