a single ABILIS device performs all ITC functions usually required by modern businesses.

Internet Router, VoIP gateway, softPBX, firewall, least-cost-router, e-mail server, host for Virtual-Machines,videorecorder for IPcams, controller for building automation, etc, are contained in one device only.
Do you need more features? Speak with your ABILIS experts! Your suggestions are always welcome!

Video and Automation
  • Internet access with multiple lines
  • VPN router for 250 tunnels
  • IP-SEC server and client
  • Firewall - access filter
  • Automatic backup
  • Load balancing
  • Quality-of-service (DiffServ)
  • IP traffic shaping
  • PPPoE server and client
  • SNMP, SysLOG
  • Embedded traffic- analyser
  • Web based softPBX
  • VoIP gateway
  • Least-cost-router
  • Fixed-mobile bridge
  • Call-log and accounting
  • Address-book (LDAP)
  • Voice-recording
  • Voice-box <--> e.mail
  • Interactive attendant
  • Conferencing
  • Click&call
  • Drag&forward
  • Priority calls
  • call-fork (to desk and mobile)
  • Embedded video- recorder for IP cameras
  • Building-automation controller
  • Doorphone <--> PBX connection
  • Embedded e.mail, FTP, SMS, LDAP servers
  • SMS <--> e.mail
  • GPS positioning
  • Automotive bus (CAN-FMS) connection
  • Data-voice-video integration
  • No compatibility issues!
  • Simplified installation and maintenance
  • Simplified logistics
  • Easier programming and management
  • Easy realisation of redundant systems (two units rather than two racks!)
  • Unified help-desk
  • Less investments and lower running costs