costs can be really slashed!
Large savings are difficult to obtain by commercial means, but they are readily available using advanced technology!
ABILIS provides telecom users with all the functions required to freely choose between suppliers and services. All this is performed with by way of a single device, dramatically simplifying the IT systems and their deployment and maintenance.
Integration improves economy and effectiveness, as all services can share the same telecom resources.

No more subscriber rentals     No more expensive lines     Cost of calls slashed!
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ABILIS customers use VoIP on every call, since they use VoIP not only for  company-internal calls, but also for any external calls, by using the services of a VoIP carrier.
Generally ISDN lines are removed, but one may remain to serve as backup in the event of failure of the IP network.
Instead of renting a single expensive line, ABILIS experts  suggest subscribing to  several low-cost lines from different ISPs.

ABILIS routers can bundle these lines together, summing-up their individual capacity. If a line fails, the connection becomes slower, but is not lost.
Using the ABILIS CellularBOX the cost of calls from fixed lines to mobile phones typically drops to ONE THIRD of the normal price.

Corporate's mobile networks can be cancelled and replaced by the ABILIS mobile-office solution which typically costs 2,5 eurocent/min.