fast innovation,
least efforts
ABILIS devices are targeted to realise fast innovation with least efforts and investment. They can be easily integrated with existing systems, which usually need not to be removed. Hence innovation can be deployed quietly and every equipment which still has a value can be effectively re-used.
All the commonly useful functions are supported with a single device, which is fully programmable and maintainable by remote management.
Virtual Machines inside!
ABILIS realise VPNs with securely encrypted Data+Voice at no performance loss.
Quality-of-service, load-balancing, automatic backup, data-compression, IP traffic shaping, firewalling and Traffic Analysis (both real-time and historical) can be obtained with just one device.
ABILIS VPNs interoperate with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets equipped with ABILIS apps.
VMX combines the standard ABILIS with a platform to host non modified Linux or Windows software.
This implies the opportunity to unify the Router, Fwall, PBX, VoIP Gway, Accounting Software, File & MailServer, etc, into a single device.
Clients can minimise the installation and maintenance activities, hence they cut their running costs.
the ABILIS embedded videoconferencing module enables to stream hi-res video and the graphic desktop of a PC to several dozens or even hundreds of branch offices. High quality conversations are possible through the Internet without incurring into disturbing delays.
Participants can chat with the moderator and can ask leave to speak just using their PCs and the ABILIS VPN.

compact VPNs
managing calls
by computer
virtually private
mobile telephony 
  • ABILIS powered private networks support not only data, but also voice and video exchange.
  • VPNs can be realised using the best-value lines from alternate carriers, thus minimising costs and enhancing business continuity. Being Abilis "all-in-one" installations are much simpler and faster!
  • every staff member can communicate in a direct way, thanks to DDI and a personally profiled call-management.
  • the Interactive Voice Responder, electronic Address-Book, black and white lists, conditional call transfers, voice-mail, etc, can help to switch the PBX operator to more useful tasks.
  • ABILIS offers an innovative alternative to the company's mobiles: employees can use their device without incurring into any expenditure, because ABILIS rejects their call and calls them back.
  • the user's smartphones (equipped with ABILIS-phone app) transparently behave as an extension of the company's PBX.