VoIP Carriers and System Integrators
Professionals utilising ABILIS already know the advantages:
- ABILIS hardware and software are rock-stable,   fast and capable of delivering a wide amount of   servicesat very low additional cost: the one of   the relevant Software Licence.
- The Exchange of information with ABILIS   engineering department gives them a higher   compitetiveness.
VoIP carriers
System Integrators
Fiber operators
  • offer unique services, like the automatic backup over ISDN and the integration of fixed and mobile telephony without the need to be licenced as a "virtual mobile operator"
  • address successfully their offerings to large telecom accounts having primary links or multiple ISDN-2 lines with DDI numbers.
  • build reliable and simple systems for integrated voice+data+video communications and for building-automation.
  • Count on the first-hand collaboration with the products' developers.
  • Manage to compete against the market leaders while bearing much lower costs.
  • jointly with ABILIS, they install added-value VPNs in order to link together the departments of the nearby large businesses and municipalities.
  • bring their fiber to business-centres (or to residential blocks) and install there a multi-tenant ABILIS device, serving multiple businesses with all the desired telecom services.

Based on Technology
Based on simplified handling
Based on economic issues
  • The ABILIS unique features:
    - same reliability/quality as   ISDN
    - seamless installation
    - exhaustive features   facilitates the move to   VoIP by large accounts,   too.
  • The excellent integration of voice+ data+video and of building automation, enables partners to become sole outsourcers.
  • The uncommon collaboration with the manufacturer permits to get unexpected needs solved quickly.
  • Being all complex tasks remotely manageable, skilled technicians never have to go on site.
  • All commands and reportings are handled with one dashboard only.
  • The second-level assistance by the manufacturer reduces both the partner's costs and risks.
  • Maintenance activities are lighter, because of the PC-like hardware and of the small-size monolithic firmware.
  • The continuous evolution of the ABILIS firmware and its powerful Hardware result in really durable installations.
  • The firmware licencing permits to charge customers for the features which are actually used, while avoiding to download new firmware.
  • Demo and test units -as a rule- are quickly available, at no cost.