shared usage
The ABILIS technology permits to serve dozens or even hundreds of autonomous users linked -by means of cables or high-speed wireless links- with a single multi-tenant ABILIS equipment permitting to share Hardware,  telecom lines and services.
Although linked to shared resources, individuals are still autonomous. For instance, a common ABILIS-PBX can serve different associates, each of them having their private phone numbers, extensions, dashboard, address-book and  call's log.

Associations of users
"Digitally Divided"
  • link their different departments to a common VPN and a shared   computer-aided telephone exchange.
  • actively and timely control their telecom expenditures
  • replace a part of the traditional correspondence by post with a much cheaper and faster automated sending of SMS 
  • obtain a free DDI number for each telephone set (this can be true for mobiles, too)
  • share a number of Internet lines;
  • obtain access to low-cost mobile telephony;
  • eliminate the fixed lines' fees;
  • port their fixed telephone numbers to a VoIP carrier;
  • groups of users include: shops in a commercial centre, factories in an industrial zone, families in a residential building or village.
  • a single (multi-tenant) ABILIS supports the whole group.
  • houses or businesses located in remote areas can get all the desired telecom services using outdoor wireless links which are free!
  • the obtainable services include: telephone, high speed Internet, SMS and instant messaging.
  • when establishing the radio link, it can be interesting to share its costs and services with other nearby users.
  • the Abilis technology enables these realisations economically and reliably.