mobile / remote
ABILIS technology fits perfectly to those environments where it is required:
  • to equip vehicles with IT&C facilities or with redundant, highly reliable links.
  • to quickly install telephone, Internet access and VPN services for offices installed in temporary or remote locations, where the fixed networks are not readily available.
Temporary Installations
Remote Installations
The Abilis technology permits to efficiently and quickly link any vehicle (trucks, cars, vessels, special machines) to their headquarters with the usual voice, data and video services.
The HQs can read the geographic position of their vehicles and the information available from the board computer (automotive processor).
When a high level of continuity is required, Abilis can link the vehicle with more than one mobile network.
Temporary installations -such as building yards- require a lot of communication resources. Unfortunately, the time needed to obtain connections to the fixed networks are long and the installation fees are expensive.

The normal solution consists in a proliferation of mobile phones and Internet keys, which produces high expenditures. 
Abilis can provide an effective, office-like and excellent value alternative.
Abilis devices have been successfully used at sea-platforms and at exploring expeditions in Himalaya and Amazonas.

Abilis units can be easily linked to any terrestrial or satellite radio.

The required electrical power can be as low as 10 watts and the amount of bandwith required can be shrinked to 6400 bit/sec only (for both voice&data!).