Some ITC tasks are very complicated!
We help users to increase their control of communication systems.

Whilst users are able to administer most Abilis functions directly, our support is able to handle special or complex issues by remote management. Consequently, difficult problems can always be handled by highly skilled persons.
Help-desk unification
Simpler Maintenance
  • the convergence of telephone, CCTV and automation systems has been ongoing for several years.
  • ABILIS provides clients comprehensive -yet excellent value- converged solutions.
  • converged solutions from one supplier greatly simplify the administration!
  • all complex activities can be done by remote-management.
  • both the firmware and the device's configuration are resident in an easily exchangeable CF-module.
  • hardware spares are minimised.
  • ABILIS promotes self-maintenance as the best possible option!
  • new versions with additional features are released at least twice a year.
  • when bugs are detected, a new version is immediately released.
  • firmware upgrades are fast because the entire upload is only 20 MB.
  • upgrades are possible by means of slow lines such as ISDN.