User Data policy for AbilisPhone

Scritto da lino

AbilisPhone collects and uses user data for its main functionality, use cases are described below.
Please read prior to using the application.

Phone Number
The number that you call or provide for callback is sent to the Abilis. This is required for main functionality.
Your device location may be sent to the Abilis to display it in your administrator's OPC panel. You may enable or disable it in your device's settings.
App Log
Whenever you send a bug report from Settings, app log is attached.
- Only anonymized data is included in the log: no names, phone numbers or locations.
- Device info is included, such as device model, Android version, screen size etc.
- No personal data from the storage or other apps is sent.
- Anteklab s.r.l. does not disclose logs or other personal data to third parties.