19.1. IPRTR resource

The IPRTR (IP Router) resource is used within the Abilis CPX to route IP datagrams between LAN and WAN ports.

IP Datagram transport on LAN is carried out using Ethernet or Token Ring protocols.

IP Datagram transport on WAN is carried out using X.25 resource (obsolete) or non-X.25 resources (SYNC, Frame-Relay, LAPB, IP Tunnel or PPP links).

19.1.1. IPRTR resource parameters

Use the following command to display the parameters of the resource. By typing d p iprtr ? command it is possible to display the meaning of all the parameters.

[17:50:56] ABILIS_CPX:d p iprtr

RES:Iprtr ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Run    DESCR:IP_Router_general_properties
       - General --------------------------------------------------------------
       R-ID:          NAT:OUTSIDE
       maxroute:500       DFTTTL:64           ps:2048
       DEF-LOCAL-AD:0     DEF-STATIC-AD:1     DEF-OSPF-AD:110   DEF-RIP-AD:120
       pvc:0              bsvc:0              LINKS:9           virtual:1
       - IP Access List -------------------------------------------------------
       ACL:EXT                ACLBYPASS:#
       COSBALANCE:NO          NORMRATE:50            LOWRATE:50
       - IP Trace -------------------------------------------------------------
       - Ppp-Dns --------------------------------------------------------------

Meaning of the most important parameters:


It shows the Router ID address [AUTO: it is the default value and it's obtained considering the first IP resource of the homonym table, whose address is not; 1-126.x.x.x, 128-223.x.x.x: it is used a specific IP].


It indicates the side of the IPRTR when remote hosts connect to R-ID IP address. This information is required by NAT in order to determine if the IP address must be translated or not. This parameter can be set only when R-ID is not set to AUTO [NO: NAT is not configured; INSIDE: the R-ID address is in the INSIDE IP resource; OUTSIDE: the R-ID address is in the OUTSIDE IP resource, VPN: the R-ID address is in the VPN IP resource, DMZ: the R-ID address is in the DMZ IP resource].


It activates the IP Access List service and choose the operating mode [NO: the service IP access list is disabled; STD (Standard): datagrams are filtered by their source and destination addresses (address filtering); EXT (Extended): datagrams are filtered by their source and destination addresses but also by the internet protocol. For TCP and UDP protocols the logic port number is also checked (that is the service requested)].

The following command allows the administrator to change the configuration of the resource:

s p iprtr parameter:value...


To activate the changes made on the upper case parameters, execute the initialization command init res:iprtr; while to set act the changes made on the lowercase parameters a save conf and an Abilis restart are required (i.e. with warm start command).