50.9. Frequenty Asked Questions

50.9.1. Abilisphone account not registered. Cannot place VoIP calls and GSM callback (data)

There are a lot of reason because it is not possible to place a VoIP call:

  • Abilis VoIP Account is not configured or wrongly configured. Configure the Abilis VoIP account properly. See Abilis VoIP Account.

  • The phone has no data connectivity available, because it was totally disabled (airplane mode) or partially disabled (only WiFi or only mobile networks. Mobile network may be also disabled distinguishing GSM data connections (GPRS/EDGE) and WCDMA (UMTS/HSDPA). Enable desired connection types in the phone settings.

  • The abilisphone settings block connection on mobile networks and or WiFi (check settings). Default value for mobile networks is disabled. Enable desired connection types in the abilisphone settings.

  • The phone is in an area without known Wi-Fi networks or without mobile network data coverage. Move in an area with data coverage.

  • The connection is temporarily not available because the phone was just waken up and it is switching to WiFi connection (normally the connection switches to mobile networks or is disabled during sleeping). Wait some second and/or to avoid this trouble in future you may keep WiFi on during the sleep (select Phone Settings->Wi-Fi settings, press the menu button in the phone, click on advanced option, tap on Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep and select "never". In italian this option is called: "Crit.mod.sosp. Wi-Fi").

  • Abilis server is down or not reachable. Try to ping the Abilis or access its web interface. If it does not answer it may be off. Verify Abilis status and reachability.

  • The Abilisphone cannot register because very poor connection doesn't allow registration in 4 secs timeout. Set SIP port parameters AUTH-TOUT and AUTH-TOUT-INVITE to 6 seconds.

50.9.2. Cannot place GSM calls via DISA or Callback

These are typical troubles causing the GSM calls not to work properly:

  • DISA and/or callback number were not set in abilisphone settings or Abilis features are disabled. Configure the number i.e. +39123456789 and/or enable Abilis features.

  • The GSM is not available because the SIM is missing or without credit. Check SIM presence and credit.

  • The GSM network is not available because missing coverage. Move in a GSM covered area.

  • Abilis is wrongly configured or using a version not supporting the abilisphone 7.5.0 and above version. Configure Abilis routings and DISA settings and/or update the Abilis firmware.

  • GSM callback data may not work also because SIP is not registered as GSM callback uses SIP to order the callback. See the FAQ on Abilis Voip registration troubles.

50.9.3. VoIP calls quality is poor in one or both directions

These are typical troubles causing the VoIP calls to have poor quality:

  • Too much jitter, typical in HSPA connections. Try to increase WIFI-MJ and/or HSPA-MJ port parameters. I.e. to 350 ms.

  • Low bandwidth. Use Spirit 8K and disable PCMA (G711) in the abilisphone. Eventually increase sip-chan-freq in the sip user in Abilis CPX.