22.1. IPSH resource

The IPSH (IP Shaping) resource is used within the Abilis CPX to control network traffic in order to increase/decrease usable bandwidth for some kind of packets that meet certain criteria.

These criteria are configured using a specific flow table. Once the criteria are matched, a specific traffic shaping rule will define the behaviour to use for those packets.

22.1.1. IPSH resource parameters

Use the following command to display the parameters of the resource. By typing d p ipsh ? command it's possible to display the meaning of all the parameters.

[17:50:56] ABILIS_CPX:d p ipsh

RES:IpSh ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Run    DESCR:IP_Shaping_service
       LOG:NO        ACT:YES    buf:2000   maxuser:500

Meaning of the parameters:


Resource description. From 0 up to 79 Alphanumeric extended characters. Case is preserved. Spaces are allowed. Strings holding spaces must be written between quotation marks (E.g.: "str1 str2").


State changes log and alarm generation [NO, D, S, A, L, T, ALL] [+E] (D: Debug Log; S: System Log; A: Alarm view; L: Local audible alarm; T: SNMP traps; +E: Extended Log of state changes, see ref. manual).


Resource activation [NO, YES].


Maximum number of packets which can be hold in shaping queues [500..10000].


IMaximum number of simultaneous processable users [100..1000].


Behaviour to adopt when maxuser limit is exceeded [DROP, BYPASS, LIMIT].


Throughput limitation for packets that exceeds maxuser limit [64..100000 kbit/sec]



The following command allows the administrator to change the configuration of the resource:

s p ipsh parameter:value...


To activate the changes made on the upper case parameters, execute the initialization command init res:ipsh; while to set act the changes made on the lowercase parameters a save conf and an Abilis restart are required (i.e. with warm start command).