30.2. Example of configuration of the SMTP resource

The example below shows how to configure the SMTP resource and to relay emails using an external SMTP server:

[10:21:28] ABILIS_CPX:s p smtp local-domain:test.lan relay-net: server:
server-user:user server-pwd:password server-auth:digest


[10:25:52] ABILIS_CPX:d p smtp

RES:Smtp - Not Saved (SAVE CONF), Not Refreshed (INIT) ------------------------
Run    DESCR:Simple_Mail_Transfer_Protocol
       LOG:NO         ACT:YES              tcp-locport:25    
       SRCADD:OUT-IP                       TOS:0-N
       ses-tot:10     SES-RESERVED-IN:2    SES-RESERVED-OUT:2    
       DT:120         MAX-IP-SES:2         MAX-RCPT:100           
       IPSRC:*                             IPSRCLIST:#
       max-fail-notif:50                   MB-MAXSIZE:5000
       MSG-MAXSIZE:2000                    MB-MAXMAILS:1000       STORE-MB:NO
       -- Local SMTP relay ----------------------------------------------------
       RELAY-NET:        RELAY-IPSRCLIST:#                   
       QUEUE-LIFE-TIME:86400               MAIL-TRY-DELAY:300  
       -- External SMTP server for relay --------------------------------------
       SERVER-TCP-PORT:25                  SERVER-AUTH:DIGEST
       -- SMS Gateway ---------------------------------------------------------
       SMS-GW:NO                           SMS-PERMIT:RELAY
       SMS-IP:#                            SMS-SENDER:#

This configuration allows the net to use Abilis as SMTP Relay for both: local domain (test.lan) and non-local domain (through server Use your account username and password to use the external SMTP server.


To activate the changes made on the upper case parameters, execute the initialization command init res:smtp; while to set act the changes made on the lowercase parameters a save conf and an Abilis restart are required (i.e. With warm start command).


The value of SERVER parameter can be the FQDN of external SMTP Server or it's IP address.


Interesting chapter: Section 72.21, “How to configure CTISMS to send SMS via emails”.