31.1. SNTP resource

The Abilis CPX SNTP resource can work as:

SNTP client

It loads time data from a remote SNTP server and sets the Abilis internal clock accordingly.

SNTP server

It provides the time data to other SNTP clients.

Figure 31.1. SNTP resource as both SNTP client and server

SNTP resource as both SNTP client and server

If the Client process isn't active, the server process operates as a primary reference source of synchronization; if the client process is active, the server process operates as a secondary reference source of synchronization.

31.1.1. Activating the SNTP resource

Add the resource to the Abilis system with the following command:

[09:58:31] ABILIS_CPX:a res:sntp


The SNTP resource may already exist in the system, but may not yet be active: set it active with the command:

[09:58:35] ABILIS_CPX:s act res:sntp


After adding or setting the SNTP active, you must restart the Abilis to make the resource running (use the command warm start to reboot the Abilis).

31.1.2. SNTP resource parameters

The following command displays the parameters of the resource; the d p sntp ? command shows the meaning of parameters.

[09:58:41] ABILIS_CPX:d p sntp

RES:Sntp ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Run    DESCR:Simple_Network_Time_Protocol
       - Client ---------------------------------------------------------------
       CLIACT:YES                     udp-remport:123
       HOST-1:#                       HOST-2:#
       HOST-3:#                       HOST-4:#
       SRCADD:R-ID (
       POLLP:60        NRTY:3         TBW:30        TBD:30
       - Server ---------------------------------------------------------------
       SERVACT:NO                     udp-locport:123
       IPSRC:*                        IPSRCLIST:#

Meaning of the most important parameters:


Logging functionalities activation/deactivation.


Activates/deactivates the SNTP Client.


Sets the IP address of the SNTP Server host number x to which the Client process of the Abilis will send its synchronization requests.


Sets the IP address for outgoing Client synchronization requests.


Sets the time interval (in minutes) after which to start the synchronization procedure of the SNTP Client of Abilis.


Sets the maximum number of repetitions for each synchronization attempt.


Sets the time interval (in seconds) after which the request sent by the SNTP Client of the Abilis will be considered failed, if no answer from the SNTP Server is received.


Sets the time interval (in seconds) between a failed synchronization request and its successive one.


Activates/deactivates the SNTP Server functionality;


UDP port that is used by the SNTP port (Read Only parameter).


Sets the IP address of the SNTP Client enabled to query the Server process of Abilis.


Sets the list of SNTP Client systems enabled to query the Server process of Abilis.

The command which allows the configuration of the resource to be modified has the following syntax:

s p sntp par:val...


To activate the changes made on the upper case parameters, execute the initialization command init res:sntp; while to set act the changes made on the lowercase parameters a save conf and an Abilis restart are required (i.e. With warm start command).