37.5. Win2k SYSLOG server implementations

Win2k doesn't support SYSLOG protocol by default. But some free implementation of SYSLOG protocol are present.

37.5.1. Kiwi SYSLOG Daemon

Kiwi SYSLOG Daemon is a freeware SYSLOG Daemon for Windows. It receives, logs, displays and forwards SYSLOG messages from hosts such as routers, switches, Unix hosts and any other SYSLOG enabled device.

Main features of Kiwi Daemon:

  • Display the message in the scrolling window.

  • Logging the message to a text file.

  • Forward the message to another SYSLOG Daemon.

  • Log to an ODBC database.

  • Log to the NT Application Event Log.

  • E-mail the message to someone via SMTP.

  • Triggering a sound alarm.

  • Running an external program.

  • Send an SNMP Trap message.

  • Page someone using NotePager Pro.

Kiwi Daemon can be downloaded from this address.

By default, when Kiwi SYSLOG Daemon is installed it contains a single Rule that has no Filters. This means that all SYSLOG messages that arrive are processed by the Actions in this Rule. The Rule contains two separate Actions: a Display Action which displays all information received to Display00 'in real time'; and a Log to File Action. This Action logs all the information to a file called “SyslogCatchall.txt” which is located in the Logs directory of your Kiwi SYSLOG installation folder.

This is a very basic initial setup for Kiwi SYSLOG Daemon. If this Rule is turned off or deleted, no messages will be displayed or logged to file.

To manage your SYSLOG messages, you can create further filters and actions that will allow you to process the messages to your own requirements.

Figure 37.1. Kiwi Daemon main window

Kiwi Daemon main window

Figure 37.2. Kiwi Daemon setup window

Kiwi Daemon setup window

To receive messages from the Abilis SYSLOG driver you should select UDP transport. UDP port should be set to the 514.

Figure 37.3. Kiwi Daemon setup UDP transport window

Kiwi Daemon setup UDP transport window

37.5.2. KLog win2k SYSLOG server

KLog is win32 implementation of *nix SYSLOG daemon to support remote logging of message from SYSLOG-enabled unix servers, routers and other networked devices and applications.

KLog can be downloaded from this address. After installation it's fully ready to work.

Figure 37.4. KLog main window

KLog main window