39.1. Overview

The NPV stands for the New Packet Voice and it's the new way Abilis used for its proprietary Voice over IP.

NPV has been introduced in addition to the "old" PV, thus permitting perfect coexistence of the two as well as a smooth migration if desired.

The comparison between NPV and PV are summarized in the following table.

Table 39.1. NPV vs PV

EncapsulationIP/UDP, ISDN B-CHIP/UDP, ISDN B-CH, Frame Relay, ATM, Leased line
Number of linksDefault 256, with licence 1000256
UDP local portONE for all links. Default 38383.One for every PV
BackupPool of max-bck channels [0..250]One for every PV
AuthenticationBy Abilis-ID or user defined key or both together. Uses RSA encryption to secure the authentication.No
RolesPeer, Client, ServerSTD, EXT, EXT-CLIENT, EXT-SERVER
IP address filteringYesYes
NAT traversalYes (client/server)Yes (ext-client/ext-server)
Double path (ART)YesYes
Voice packets redundancyYesYes
Link state checkYes, with peer states alignment and burst optionsYes
TOS/DS configurationYesYes
CryptographyRC6 with 256 bits dynamic keysRC6 with 128/192/256 static keys
CTIL parametersIncluded in NPVL configurationSeparated in CTIL table
Extensive loggingYesNo
Configuration resourcesOne resource with up to 1000 linksOne per every link

Some key notes about the NPV resource: