59.8. Audio conference

A conference allows the making of a talk between more than two people.

There are two ways to make a new conference

59.8.1. Make a conference pressing the conference button

If you have one active call and one call on hold, you can create a conference between you, the active call and the call on hold.

To add a new call to the conference, put the call with the conference on hold and make a new call. Click on the conference button and the active call is connected to the conference.

59.8.2. Make a conference calling the conference number

There is a number that is used to create or join a conference. If you don't have it, please ask to your system administrator.

Calling the conference number, a recorded voice will ask you the conference identifier. It's a number with a predefined length (default 4).

To join a conference, type its conference identifier. To create a new one, type a number that isn't associated to any of the conferences.