22.5. IPSH diagnostics and statistics

22.5.1. IPSH diagnostics

To display the diagnostics of the IPSH resource the following commands are used:

d d ipsh / d de ipsh

Shows diagnostic information, such as the state of the resource, the current and maximum number of buffers reached from start-up into the IPRTR's incoming/outgoing FIFOs and the maximum number of users present into the user table (this information indicate the maxuser parameter).

[18:06:40] ABILIS_CPX:d d ipsh

RES:IpSh ----------------------------------------------------------------------
       MAX-BUF:2000         CUR-BUF:23            PEAK-BUF:952
       MAX-S-BUF:10000      CUR-S-BUF:0           PEAK-S-BUF:339
       MAX-USER:500         CUR-USER:19           PEAK-USER:39

22.5.2. IPSH statistics

To display the statistics of the IPSH resource the following commands are used:

d s ipsh / d se ipsh

Show statistic information, such the number of IP datagrams analyzed sent/received, number of IP datagrams shaped due to IP shaping flow matching and those ignored because don't match. There are also dropped packets due to MAXUSER-EXCEED set with DROP or out-of-buffer due to buf parameter.

[18:06:40] ABILIS_CPX:d s ipsh

RES:IpSh ----------------------------------------------------------------------
       --- Cleared 0 days 09:43:28 ago, on 08/06/2015 at 22:09:49 -------------
       ANALYZED   |   92348416|   92328825|SHAPED     |   17811290|   26150576|
       IGNORED    |   74537126|   66178249|DROPPED    |          0|          0|
       OUTBUF     |          0|          0|MAXUSERS-EX|          0|          0|