59.7. Recording

59.7.1. Enable recording

To activate On-Demand recording for user is required that the CTIVR, SMTP, OPC and HTTP resources to be active. Refer to: Section 51.4.1, “Activating the CTIVR resource”, Section 30.1.1, “Activating the SMTP resource”, Section 47.1.1, “Activating the OPC resource” and Section 36.1.1, “Activating the HTTP resource”.

Go in your user preferences, then click on the Voice recorder tab.

Figure 59.30. Voice recorder options

Voice recorder options

In 'Recipients' textbox write your e-mail address.

You can send a test mail to the chosen address clicking on the Test button. Is recommended to test the e-mail. If it isn't correct you'll not receive the recorded call.

When you have finished, remember to click on Apply.

59.7.2. Record a call

This button starts the recording. While you are recording the button blinks . To stop the recording, click again on the button.


Is mandatory to warn the called person that you are going to record.

59.7.3. Recording limitations

By default, the max recording file size is 15 MB. This is the equivalent of a 32 minutes call. When the 31st minute ends, the recording is stopped. To bypass this limitation, you can stop the recording and immediately restart it. You'll receive a mail for each recording.