61.19. Routings

This section allows to add, remove and modify the CTI routings.


Generally the access to this section is reserved for users with administrator's rights.

By default, the anonymous access is disabled; add the path in the HTTP Virtual Paths Access Rights Table for httpuser.

[11:26:29] ABILIS_CPX:a http rights path:/sys/admin/cti/rout/ user:httpuser


[11:27:04] ABILIS_CPX:d http rights

- Not Saved (SAVE CONF) -------------------------------------------------------
     USER:                            FILE: DIR:  RECUR: PROT:
1 /sys/
     admin                            r---  l---  YES    PLAIN,SSL
16 /sys/admin/cti/rout/
     httpuser                         r---  l---  YES    PLAIN,SSL

Click on Routings to view a list of configured routings.


Interesting parts: Section 47.5, “CTI Router Overview” (CP commands & parameters description)

61.19.1. Example of routing creation

Click to add a new routing. The following page will be displayed:

Fill the module as you want. If it's checked, the checkbox at the left of each parameter allows the users to modify it. Click Save to add the route. Click OK. The new rule has been added.


Remember to click on Init to apply the changes at the running configuration e click on Save to save it.

61.19.2. Modify a routing

To modify a routing, click on his priority number.

Click Save to modify the route.

61.19.3. Change priority

Click to change the priority of a rule. The following page is displayed.

Select the new prority and click Ok.

61.19.4. Example of routing deletion

Click to remove a route

Click Ok to confirm.