70.1. I/O Management via WEB

To enable the access to the web interface follow the chapters Part V, “Web interface” of Abilis Tutorial.

The HTTP rights path for Automation is /sys/io/.


Interesting chapters:

Section 56.2, “Add http rights”;

Section 61.1.6, “Example - How to give the http rights to a user through web interface”.

From Abilis Start Page the user can click on Automation Icon to reach the maps page.

Figure 70.1. Automation Map

Automation Map

Click on to switch on/off the light

To configure that login like user admin and select from Abilis Start Page and to reach following page.

Figure 70.2. Automation Map setiings

Automation Map setiings

Click on to obtain the following page.

Figure 70.3. Design-Map


From Edit Tab is possible to:

- Add a Description of the maps. I.e: My company building.

- Select a Map Icon. For example:

- Select label settings.

Figure 70.4. Label settings

Label settings

- Select background image.

- Clear all.

- Selecting Grid ON/OFF.

- Save the changes.

From Others Tabs is possible to place on the map Digital I/O, Analog Inputs ad Analog Alarms

For Example:

Figure 70.5. Digital outputs settings

Digital outputs settings

For hardware configuration follow the chapter Chapter 14, IOBOX of Abilis Tutorial.