2.7. Nano Abilis

Figure 2.8. Nano Abilis - Front view

Nano Abilis - Front view

Figure 2.9. Nano Abilis - Rear view

Nano Abilis - Rear view

Nano Abilis is a non-expandable device equipped with:

All Nano abilis have three ethernet ports, two USB ports, one COM port and a power out connector useful to supply UMTS BOX2.

Nano Abilis is a device available in two versions:

The version with one BRI is equipped with an integrated impedance matching adapter (on the right side of the BRI port) so there's no more need to use ISDN adapters. The BRI port has two correspondig switches: one for output twisted pair and one for input twisted pair. The default position is “ON” with the ISDN impedance activated (see figure below).


The BRI port is TE and not NT, so:

  • a straight cable is needed to connect an ISDN line to Nanoabilis


Nano abilis has no DSPs so transcoding is not allowed (there's no Packet Voice bandwidth optimization)

2.7.1. Led indications




Abilis Status

Not Used

LIVE and AUX leds flashing: startup

LIVE led flashing (1s ON - 1s OFF): Abilis status is ok

AUX led: not used

2.7.2. Number of pluggable usb devices

Refer to Section 2.6.2, “Number of pluggable usb devices to the same USB 1.1 OHCI/UHCI controller”.

2.7.3. Physical and electrical specifications

Dimensions[mm]: 234x163x45;

Weight: 1.20Kg;

Power supply: