18.3. TELNET commands

While the TELNET Server process is running, the User can access the TELNET resource commands by pressing the combination Ctrl+P.

As a consequence of this action, the prompt of the TELNET Server, configured in the parameter PSER , will be displayed.

The user can leave the command exchange procedure and start the data exchange one by pressing again the combination Ctrl+P.

The available commands for the command interpreter of the TELNET resource are:


This command, available only on TELNET client processes, allows the User to open a connection with the TELNET Server process, hosting on the remote equipment identified by the specified IP.

close / exit

It requests the session to be closed.


It requests the session to be closed.

18.3.1. TELNET from Abilis to Abilis

To open a TELNET session from an Abilis to another Abilis, the X.25 routing must be properly configured. Both Abilis must have the following X.25 routings:

Example 18.1. X.25 routing

[10:38:01] ABILIS_CPX:a r pr:1 in:telnet out:telnet cdi:* udi:tln


[10:38:04] ABILIS_CPX:a r pr:2 in:* out:telnet cdi:* udi:tln


[10:38:36] ABILIS_CPX:d r

PR |IN      |OUT     |CDI            |CDO            |UDI         |UDO
   |NEXT             |CGI            |CGO            |PIDI        |PIDO
   |                 |IPSRC          |IPDEST         |FFO
0   *        Cp       *               *               CP           *
1   Telnet   Telnet   *               *               TLN          *
2   *        Telnet   *               *               TLN          *

The routing with pr:1 allows to transfer an incoming TELNET session to an outgoing TELNET session, while routing with pr:2 allows to transfer any incoming session to an outgoing TELNET session.

Some examples follow.

Example 18.2. TELNET - Example 1

[10:39:15] ABILIS_CPX:d p telnet

RES:Telnet --------------------------------------------------------------------
Run    DESCR:Telnet_Server_and_Client_entities
       LOG:NO                 MCAU:NO                ps:128
       - Server ---------------------------------------------------------------
       tcpport:23             PSER:TELNETS>          ser:6
       AC:YES                 PWD:                   DT:15
       CDO:00                 UDO:CP                 PROFILE:NORMAL
       IPSRC:                 IPSRCLIST:#
       - Client ---------------------------------------------------------------
                              PCLI:TELNETC>          cli:3
       CDI:*                  UDI:*

[10:39:17] ABILIS_CPX:           <--- Ctrl+P

[] TELNETS>           <--- Ctrl+P
[10:52:50] ABILIS_CPX:

Example 18.3. TELNET - Example 2

[10:39:17] ABILIS_CPX:           <--- Ctrl+P

[] TELNETS>clr

CLR 00 00


Example 18.4. TELNET - Example 3

[10:53:07] ABILIS_CPX:           <--- Ctrl+P

[] TELNETS>clr

CLR 00 00

[] TELNETS>11-tln     <--- see Example 18.1, “X.25 routing”

[] TELNETC>open
Trying ... Open

User Access Verification

Password: *********

Abilis CPX - Ver. 8.0.2/STD - Build 3961.6 - Branch 8.0 - Abilis-ID 800733
Wednesday 20/05/2015 09:01:10 (UTC+2.00)

[10:53:59] ABILIS_CPX_2: