46.1. CTI System module

The Abilis CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) System module (CTISYS) works at the network (level 3) and transport-level (level 4) of the ISO-OSI model.

The CTISYS is a smart switch able to exchange both circuit-switched telephony channels (TDM) and packet-switched (VoIP, VoN) channels with all the reasonable degrees of freedom:

The table below shows the different types of connection supported by the CTI System:

Table 46.1. CTI connection side types

DATAData: data connection (HDLC framing) from Abilis CPX to ISDN port or from ISDN port to Abilis CPX.
VVoice: digital voice stream.
CCluster: compressed voice stream in form of data packets.
IIAX: connection to a device that supports IAX protocol.
SSIP: connection to a device that supports SIP protocol.
DDISA: connection to the Direct Inward System Access.
AAdvanced Services: CtiVm, CtiVr, CtiMix, CtiVo

All the possible combinations of connections are possible; for more details refer to CTIR section; IAX, SIP and DISA routings are explained in the corresponding chapters.

The bandwidth depends on the used coder: G.711, G.726, G.727, GSM6.10, Spirit, G.723.1, G.729A, Transp

For compressed phone calls directly sent onto the Frame Relay network, a Spirit 723 coder with net compression at 6400 bps and gross space memory of 8800 bps are usually used.

On an IP network the bandwidth is 22 kbps for the first call, the following simultaneous calls (from the same source to the same destination) add a bandwidth of only 8,8 kbps for each single call.