59.10. View's settings

All the view settings are accessible from the Settings

59.10.1. Interfaces

You can choose which users/interfaces are displayed on the OPC panel. To change these options open the Interfaces tab.

You can choose to display all the users and all their interfaces, or select what interface is displayed for each user. Every interface has its own user box.

You can also choose in which group the user is placed.

Figure 59.33. Interfaces


59.10.2. Groups Manage groups

You can divide the user boxes into different groups.

Open the Groups tab. To create a group, click on +, write the name of the new group and confirm the name clicking on . To delete a group, click on x.

You can change the position of a group dragging and dropping it.

Figure 59.34. Groups

Groups Change user's group

To select the group of each user, open the Interfaces tab. You can select the group in the group column.

Figure 59.35. Change group

Change group

59.10.3. Queues

In the Queues tab you can choose which queues are to view in the right border of the OPC panel. You have to add the number of the user's queue you want to monitor.

Figure 59.36. Monitored Queues

Monitored Queues

59.10.4. Box

In the Box tab you can change the size of the user boxes, the size of the texts and what information are displayed in the user boxes (numbers, icons, user picture, names).

Figure 59.37. Box


59.10.5. Own interface

When you use the OPC panel, you can manage only one interface at a time. The Own interface tab contains a drop-down menu that lets you choose which interface is being used.

Figure 59.38. Own interface

Own interface

59.10.6. Change box position

You can change the position of each user box or the user's group simply dragging and dropping them, but first you have to click on the button that unlocks the user box's position . When you have finished moving the user boxes, click on the button that locks their position .

If you want to undo the block's movements, you can click on the undo button . If you want to completely reset the block position you can click on the reset button , that opens a pop-up window, asking in what way relocate the user boxes.

Figure 59.39. Groups in OPC panel

Groups in OPC panel