60.3. Call logs

This button opens the call logs window.

60.3.1. Call logs window

The default view shows the missed calls.

Figure 60.16. Call logs

Call logs

  1. Currently displayed log (outgoing, incoming).

  2. Show outgoing, incoming.

  3. Link to some useful functions from the call section.

  4. Show an extended version of the table.

  5. Clear the currently visualised log.

  6. Export call logs.

  7. Sort and filter for each field. Hold SHIFT key to sort multiple columns.

Colours help you to identify the calls result:

  • White: The call has been successful.

  • Gray: All other call has been unsuccessful.

60.3.2. Icons and functions

Open the incoming calls register.

Open the outgoing calls register.

Export call logs to a CSV file.

If you select a call, by clicking it, the following icons become available:

Add the selected number to the Address book.

Call-try the selected number.

Call the selected number.