59.4. Queue management

59.4.1. Enable queue

To enable the queue monitoring, open the OPC panel settings and open the Queues tab. Type your number in the textbox and click Add. It will appear in the table below.

Figure 59.17. Enable queue monitoring

Enable queue monitoring

If you want to put a call in the queue when you are busy, you can configure a rule or an advanced rule with call forward to your queue number. If you don't know which is your queue number, please ask to your system administrator.

When your headphone is hooked you receive a call from the number in the queue.

59.4.2. View numbers in queue

The numbers in queue are displayed on the right border of the screen, in a panel like the following one:

Figure 59.18. Queue


If you don't see it, try to click on Show queues and/or enable queue monitoring.

In the example next call for Giovanni will be from number 21. You can change the call priority selecting the icon .

59.4.3. Put a call in the queue

To put the active call in queue, drag and drop the user box relevant to yourself in the queue panel.

59.4.4. Resume a call in the queue

To resume a call from queue, drag and drop the call from the queue panel to the user box relevant to you (or another user, if you want to transfer it to him).