59.9. The Chat

In the OPC panel, click this button to open the chat.

Figure 59.31. The Chat

The Chat

  1. Opened chats

  2. Messages view

  3. Message input textbox

  4. Status message

  5. Add contacts

  6. Contacts list

59.9.1. Send a message

Click on the username from the contact list to open a chat.

For each open chat there is a corresponding tab. Click on the tabs to switch between two or more chats. A text input box at the bottom of the window allows you to write your message and send it pressing Enter. The received and sent messages are displayed on the screen.

59.9.2. Contacts management Add a contact

To add a contact to your contact list, click on Add a contact, write the contact's name and click Add.

Figure 59.32. Add a contact

Add a contact

If the contact's name corresponds to an existing user on the chat server, it will be immediately put in the contact list. If it doesn't correspond to an existing user, it will be put in the pending contacts list and you can't send messages to it.

Figure 59.33. Pending contacts list

Pending contacts list Remove a contact

To remove a contact, put the mouse cursor on his name and click on .

A confirmation window appears. Click Ok to remove the contact.

Figure 59.34. Remove contact

Remove contact Icons meaning

Online user

Offline user

Busy user

Away from keyboard

59.9.3. Change the status message

To change the status message, click on the status field. You can choose between some predefined statuses.

Figure 59.35. Status


If you want to write your custom status click on , write your status and click Save.